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Our Mission 

The International Hemp Exhibition was born from a desire to inform and train on the values ​​and benefits of Industrial Hemp. We believe it is time to use this wonderful raw material for the benefit of society and the planet. The ecosystem can no longer wait.  

The future is green hemp and Milan is its capital. Hemp is a plant now known for its extraordinary versatility with high added value. It is a valuable substitute for fossil fuel elements, synthetic fibers, paper and processed food proteins, which cause global environmental damage. The cultivation of Hemp is considered by experts to be the solution against the imminent threat of deforestation and its consequences. The international hemp show aims to provide visibility to the actors involved in the industrialization of hemp. – development of SMEs (small and medium enterprises) – develop a national coordination platform where farmers and professionals can create networks.

Development of the small and medium company

International visibility to the small and medium Italian company. Seminars and workshops with a focus on entrepreneurs who want to invest in the Hemp supply chain, a rapidly growing sector worldwide.

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